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Project Sustainability

Each month, the show welcomes a new guest who will unpack a specific topic, spanning multiple episodes. Host Peggy Smedley will dive into her guest’s desire to provide alternatives that will empower each of us on what it means to have a healthy home. Simply all the innovations from energy, air, water, lighting, security, appliances, and more that impact our homes.

With a focus on technology—and how it works in the home—listeners will gain a deeper understanding of what’s coming next and what’s already possible today. Determined to give a glimpse into the future, Smedley ends every series with the same question: How can we do even more simply by managing our energy consumption to help make the world healthier, safer, and greener today and for future generations?

Mar 7, 2023

Peggy Smedley and Martin Moore-Ede, director, Circadian Light Research Center, talk about the significance of circadian light. He says it is a critical topic and we are all focused on health—but in fact the light you see is as important to your health as any food you eat, water you drink, or air you breath.

They also discuss:

  • How LED lights are a blessing in terms of energy conservation, but they have a huge health downside.
  • How blue light disrupts our clocks.
  • How to find the right lights for your health and your home. 

(3/8/23 - 47)

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