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Project Sustainability

Each month, the show welcomes a new guest who will unpack a specific topic, spanning multiple episodes. Host Peggy Smedley will dive into her guest’s desire to provide alternatives that will empower each of us on what it means to have a healthy home. Simply all the innovations from energy, air, water, lighting, security, appliances, and more that impact our homes.

With a focus on technology—and how it works in the home—listeners will gain a deeper understanding of what’s coming next and what’s already possible today. Determined to give a glimpse into the future, Smedley ends every series with the same question: How can we do even more simply by managing our energy consumption to help make the world healthier, safer, and greener today and for future generations?

Apr 30, 2024

Scott Byrne, director of global sustainability services, Sonoco, and Peggy Smedley talk about how the company is involved in South Carolina communities. He talks about some of the bigger one-off projects and sustainability stories in South Carolina.

They also discuss:

  • The rise of solar installations across the state and how it greens the grid.
  • A partnership with Green Gas U.S.A. and capturing methane from a paper production process and reusing it.
  • The importance of education and teaching the younger generations, while considering the future of work. 

(5/1/24 - 95)

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